Domain Investing = Internet Real Estate.
In 2017, I sold about a 100 premium domains. Many people who try their hand at the domain marketplace can take years to get to this point. I’ve been lucky to have flipped (buy low, sell high after a very short time) so many top domains so quickly. What’s been the secret to my success? I focus on some really essential rules for living in the domain marketplace. But first, you have to understand how domain investing works.


Premium Domain Investing
This is my key focus. Premium domains are those that are already owned and which are valuable due to their length, associated keywords, and branding potential. There are constantly amazing deals in this market, like the sale of in 2005 for $90 million.

And with the expansion of web domain name suffixes, the industry is set to flourish even further over the next five years. In 2016 domain sales revenue was over 2B. Source:

My Top 10 Tips for
Domain Investing:

1. The first step is to use Google AdWords for finding high potential domains. Having an AdWords account provides access to tools like keyword planner, which gives you variations on a domain name (for example, will also get you and lets you see how often people search for those names.

2. If you have an area of expertise, list names that speak to you. Specializing will give you insight on what is trending and where demand will be. Domains related to business like engineering, finance, and law can attract the highest demand, so focusing here might be a big advantage.

3. Go local. If you add the name of a neighborhood, city, or state to a domain that is already taken, chances are that somebody will eventually want it.

4. Look for expired names. Websites like Expired list registered names that just haven’t been renewed, and which you might be able to get at a low price. Some of these names will already appear in search engine rankings due to previous use.

5. Learn the technical ins and outs in areas like security and regulation. You don’t want to fall prey to a scam or a hacker, while being familiar with things like ICANN, ICA, and UDRP might save you a lot of headaches.

6. Once you have settled on a group of names, find their value by going to domain appraisal websites. Visit several, because each has a different calculation method. If they give you a value that’s nicely above what you need to pay for it, then you might have a winner.

7. Narrow down the list of names you want and buy them at sites like, GoDaddy, Google Domains, or These are the top domain registrars. They provide the best service and level of trust, and give you access to various tools to help flip those domains.

8. Now it’s time to sell. Start with auctions, which are the most popular sales media. You should regularly visit a few of the best ones like Sedo, Flippa, Afternic, and Go Daddy. These sites tend to be free of scams and allow easy transfer of ownership.

9. Don’t forget forums. In addition to having domain sale marketplaces, forums let you catch up on industry news and get valuable tips about practically everything in the domain flipping universe. Quality forums include NamePros, DNForum, and DomainState.

10. A final sales channel is through direct business contact. Contact the businesses that you might think will be interested in buying the names you own. Approach the potential buyer with all of the information you have gathered – search hits, value, industry trends – and make them an offer they can’t refuse.

My Domain
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Time to sell: 2 months
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Time to sell: 8 months
Flipped for: 5X the price
Time to sell: 2 months
Flipped for: 7X the price

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