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When making a smart investment, the people you invest in are equally as important as the technology. With around a dozen companies under my belt, I’ve developed strategic expertise in areas that entrepreneurs need. But it always comes back to my sense for successful people, and the long-term potential of their ideas. If that makes sense to you, we might have the right complement of talents to go all (or even just part) of the way, together.

Hosting a technology event? Starting-up or pivoting?


Go-to-Market Strategy
In some ways, a market is just a group of people with something in common. That’s why it’s essential to fully understand who’s going to buy your products or services so that you can set the right creative offering, price, channels, and timing to sell more, or sell more profitably.

Going public isn’t easy for any firm, but having an objective, experienced mentor can save a lot of pain. My knowledge of the process, risk factors, time pressure, and resource needs will make the difference between a hectic gamble and a smooth execution that leaves enough time in the day to care for the business and investors.

Scaling Your Business
For many businesses, growing – and doing it smartly – will determine either victory or being eaten alive. The unfortunate fact is that most companies can’t balance growth and profitability. The secret is to leverage core strengths and find an optimal expansion path that can be duplicated for continued success.

New Market Penetration
I see this as a shopping list that your future depends on. Focus market and customers, channels, resources allocation, offering, competitive responses, branding, operating model… arriving at the right choices will maximize efficiency and minimize risks.

Finding the Right Team
Now we’re talking. It doesn’t matter if you sell apples or ASICs; your team is your key. I can read people to find the leaders who match and exceed expectations. This is combined with industry knowledge, corporate culture, and solutions to unique challenges. The result is a dream team.

Capital Raising ​
Money isn’t just about numbers, it’s also about people. Every personality along the path of raising capital will have demands, and I think I’ve seen it all. When choosing the best options for capital structure, funding sources, and short-term/long-term strategies, this experience will come in handy.

Online Presence
Platforms, technology, and psychology all need to fit target customers through a system that doesn’t become a business in itself. Scalability, ease of use, and ROI are the watchwords that I use when defining a digital strategy.



The back of the room is as important as the front.
Whenever I do events, I often feel that I come away with as much knowledge as I impart. No matter what the format, I always look forward to a beneficial exchange that enables everyone to grow.

Fireside Chats

One-or-more-on one. A small setting allows everyone to be heard and get a full response, or to just relax and enjoy the coffee. Whether it’s technology, management, social trends, business practices, philosophy, or even free association, I look forward to an intimate setting and memorable experience.

Technology Trade Shows

As part of a group, panel, or just on my own, you name the topic and I do the rest. I can drill down and present my insights on specific areas where I have found success, or wax poetic about business in general.

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