Ventures are the biggest adventure.
Years ago I started building technology businesses, and never stopped. My experience has given me a fascinating education in the nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship and strategy. And it also proved that a great venture is built on an instinct for finding the right people and looking far into the future.

My Trophy Case

• Microsoft’s “Man of the Year, 2005”
• Trollim, voted “Best International Company” at the 2009 TechCruch50
• Founder and CEO of The Together Startup Growth Network (TLV: TGTR)
• The Argentine Undersecretary of Entrepreneurship
• Sold more than 100 premium domains in 2017
• Volunteer Captain for 21 Years for the Israel Police Homeland Security

I am leading a new venture called “Together – Startup Growth Network”, a distinctive platform to help founders build their startups, tear down silos and chase their dreams. Have a start-up?


What’s got your attention right now in the world?
Argentina excites me, and being the Undersecretary of Entrepreneurship there has enabled me to export my experience from Israel to Argentina and help build the world’s next start-up nation in Latin America.

Latin America is not a popular place for exporting business ideas, so I want to help move Argentina to the top of the list and boost start-up ventures, investments, and new products with the vast talent that Argentina has to offer. I spent hundreds of hours with entrepreneurs who are looking for the right path and believe that Argentina can be rebranded as a new high-tech hub for innovation.

What is your favorite venture to date and why? ExactME! is really paving the way towards more focused recruitment across Latin America. We want to be the Google of human capital, and I love the idea that we are filling this need with our new semantic search engine for employment…

How many new ventures do you start each year?
I get involved with between one to two each year, and I usually take the CEO role due to the confidence I have in my involvement. That might seem like a lot, but I come across a lot of brilliant people and ideas and like the fact that my input seems to work for them. Right now, for example, I am the CEO at four different ventures. For me to invest, I need 100% confidence in both the people and the product.

What exactly is a domain investor and how did you come into this profession?
Domain investing is the purchase of domain names as a means of investment. A domain name can be used to generate revenue, to build a brand or it can be resold profitably. Domain investors acquire domain names for investment purposes. In short, domains are Internet real estate.

What is unique about your approach to entrepreneurship?
I am good at cooperating closely with entrepreneurs to choose the right route to go.

They usually contribute knowledge of the product and I contribute my views regarding the long-term potential of their idea. I often find that entrepreneurs think about the near future, so I make sure to balance that with a long-range assessment.

I got involved in domain investment because it allows me to combine my love for commerce and the web. I really have a great time doing it. Every domain that I have acquired or sold has resulted from some kind of personal connection or realization that I had about the value of the name.

What is the strongest piece of advice you give to young entrepreneurs?
One needs to focus on the way forward. When entrepreneurs share ideas with me, they often have too many strategies and so they don’t see one of them through to at least a viable assessment point. I tell them to complete the mission, have focus, and go after what they need in order to succeed. Then, if the strategy isn’t working, pivot to the next idea.

“If you dream of something more than once, wake up and do it.”

Arik Filstein

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