TEL AVIV, Israel & BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – [Wednesday, November 29, 2017] – Dr. Mariano Mayer, the National Secretary of Entrepreneurs and SMEs for Argentina, has formally requested Mr. Arik Filstein, an Argentinean-Israeli entrepreneur, to accept the position of Executive Jury Member for the Argentine, Ministry of Production in 2017.

Mr. Mariano’s offer is part of a major government initiative to improve and diversify Argentina’s industries and increase its competitiveness in the global market. A central aspect of the initiative is to develop the venture capital sector and the participation of skilled entrepreneurs.

To this end, Mr. Filstein has been asked to serve on the board of a government fund that will co-invest with private funds in entrepreneurial ventures. Mr. Filstein will help select professional managers, who apply through a national tender, to supervise the private funds.

“I am deeply honored to have received this request from Dr. Mayer and the Government of Argentina,” said Mr. Filstein. “As someone who has worked as an entrepreneur in both Argentina and Israel, I feel that I have the knowledge and resources to help Argentina become a start-up nation, just as Israel has established itself.”

Business cooperation between Israel and Argentina has increased lately, as illustrated by the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Argentina in September, 2017. During that visit, Netanyahu claimed that this is “a new era in relations between Israel and Latin America.”

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